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Bookworm, Comma-wrangler and 3rd Generation Garden Geek.  Currently I’m a student at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, Norfolk. Back for my second degree, I’m working towards an M.A. in Creative Writing Prose. In my previous life I lived and played in Seattle, Washington (Emerald City!).

I write fiction, principally short stories. I also like plants and I like to grow things –so most of my non-fiction writing centers around that. As a gardener, my first influences were the gardens of my father Randy and my grandmother Joyce. I still remember the year grandma grew a six-foot tall delphinium. And how my father would tuck sweet peas and other annuals throughout his vegetable garden. They both have an innate eye for design and a sense of irreverence that made their gardens places of exuberant beauty.

This blog is the result of a promise to my former co-worker Kate at City People’s Garden Store in Seattle, WA.  (Love ya Kate) She didn’t want pictures of Sissinghurst. She asked me to take a few pictures of the average English garden while I was across the pond. Or that is, the gardens of people who do it after work and on the weekends, the garden enthusiasts. People like us.

Which means you’ll find quite a few pictures of gardens on this blog, not to mention flowers, vegetables and general flora. But you’ll also find a few pictures of my travels, maybe a few travails and most likely I will blather on about a book here and there.

If there’s anything you’d like to hear about, any topics you’d like to see expanded or you just have questions, please comment! I always love to hear from my fellow human beans.

As I write this I’m a bit muddy from some impromptu weeding, but my laptop doesn’t seem to mind. Hope you enjoy these maunderings!

–Erin aka @maunderings


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Beautiful blog sis–Love the layout and the photographs are amazing! Looking forward to reading more when I have a chance!

  2. Scarlett on said:

    Beautiful pictures, Erin! I take it, Andrew is visiting you right now?

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