Paddling Through

A couple days ago Andrew and I went kayaking in Monterosso. I’ve always wanted to try kayaking in warm water (here you can actually jump off the kayak and go swimming). We had a marvelous time, and after a year of being separated from my paddling buddies in Seattle it was great to be on the water again.

Near the marine sanctuary outside Monterosso

That night we stumbled onto a dance party on the marina there, and I got to dance with a very happy husband to Simian Mobile Disco among other trance artists.

Yesterday we went to see the processional at the Feast of San Lorenzo in Manarola. A flotilla of boats come into the harbor with a portable shrine. The boats were all lit up, and there were torches along the cliffs. In the darkness of night with the lights shining over cool, clear water it was atmospheric to say the least.

I found myself wishing I could incorporate more moments like this in my daily life. Granted, there aren’t many festivals like that in Seattle….still after being here a couple weeks it’s clear to me that Cinque Terre is not very different from the town I grew up in. We’ve watched probably a dozen sunsets, taken walks through amazing terrain, and all the while I’ve been working. (see photo below)

If you look closely you can see me typing away in the window

My hope is that when we arrive home, I’ll be able to put down my book, turn off the computer and put aside my daily worries long enough to enjoy what’s happening around me. Because wherever you are there is plenty of life, lots to see, people to meet. You just have to go out and find it.



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