Meeting my cousins!

My favorite day in Germany, although I enjoyed all the beautiful forest walks and local scenery, was the last day. Why the last? Because that was the day I got to meet my cousins. Or that is they are Grandpa’s cousins, which I think still makes them my cousins, I’m not sure ’cause I’m not great at genealogy.

Anyways, wow what a day. Andrew and I stopped by to say hi around noon, and they invited us in for coffee. It was so much fun to meet them. Such genuinely warm and fun people. Their daughters came by as well and they were just so cool. We also got to meet their son-in-law who spoke more English than anyone and was a very nice guy. I felt bad that I didn’t speak German but they were very patient with me and they all spoke some English with a flawless accent. My cousin’s husband had been in the army, and so had gotten some practice with English. Still, I can’t imagine that I will ever sound that good in a foreign language.

It was so lovely to get to know them, we really had a great time. My cousin made an amazing lunch for us. She is such a good cook. I wished I had better German so I could ask her about her cooking techniques. The goulash we had was the best either of us had ever tasted. Both of their houses also had beautiful gardens. We got to tour their daughter’s garden and they had so many gorgeous plants.

I couldn’t believe how kind they were to us. We only thought we were stopping by for a bit but as I said they made us lunch, and later we had tea and more desserts in the garden, then they drove us to see some of the sights and asked us back for dinner. We were so touched, after all we were basically strangers and very distantly related. Their generosity was beyond anything I could ever have imagined. Now I know I guess, why my Grandpa and Dad are so sweet. It runs in the family.

Anyways, it was a wonderful day and I am hoping that their daughters and son-in-law will come to visit us in Seattle someday, I think my brothers and sisters would love to meet them.

Morning market in Horn

An amazing Raptor center near Detmold


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